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Whether or Not || Sebastian and Ames

Spending time with Sebastian was crucial to Ames. No, seriously, it’s crucial. It’s like Ames needs an unlimited number of hours to spend with Sebastian because… Well, he didn’t know. All he knew was that every time he hung out with his brother, he was alright. See, because of his disorder, he had a tendency to come across as obnoxious, immature, and quite frankly, a bit idiotic at times. But with Sebastian, it didn’t really matter. He could act like a complete fool and not worry about being judged (though the other Smythe did so in jest) or offending anyone (though he did offend Sebastian every now and then). See, Sebastian always made Ames shiver without warning, no matter what. And every time, regardless of the situation, Sebastian never failed to make Ames laugh as if he was in on a joke. Forever or for now, Sebastian was the best thing Ames had.

That being said, the two brothers do have their moments. Like now, for example. (Err, earlier, really. But that wasn’t the point.) Ames is a bit naïve at times—too immature or silly to make sense of things, too easily confused to shed the right light. Just moments ago, Sebastian snapped at him and somehow, baby Ames over here took it the wrong way, and bada bing, bada boom, his feelings were instantly hurt. He crawled back into his shell (which needed dusting, considering he was hardly in that shell anyway) and hid. Being the puppy-esque child he was, he practically whimpered in disappointment and shame, wondering what he did wrong, declining any offer to do anything at all with anyone. And then suddenly, Sebastian needed him, so that was the end of that.

Then there he was, happily skipping down the hall to the elevator, singing, “Sebby-pants needs me, he needs me, he needs me!” Such a child, no? But it made him happy. Knowing that someone needed his help excited him. It meant that he was capable of doing something—helping someone, really. Especially since that someone was Sebastian. Then heck yes, he was gonna be right there, right next to Sebastian, shoulder to shoulder, cheek to cheek, however else you’d like to put it. Anything for Sebastian, of course. Mister Crabby Face was his favorite person of all-time. No way in hell would he ever deny him anything.

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